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> I wrote:
> > permute( @x_chars ) »{ $^a eq $^b ?? $^a :: ''}« permute( @y_chars )
> Permutation is the wrong thing here, sorry. It's just:

I want to preface again that I have only recently started giving the
language aspect of p6 serious focus.  Without doing any digging into
junctions and pretty much just listening to the buzz, I not only think
of things like being able to verify that a userid isn't on a
blacklist, I also think of the ability to do things like:

1.  Give me all the items in list A that match any of the items in list B
2.  Give me all the items in list A that aren't in list B
3.  well - you get the idea

I don't want to have to invent some special purpose infix operation to
do it nor should do I believe it should require much thinking.  That
doesn't mean it needs to be in the core.  If not in the core, I think
it should be generalized and included in one of the first available
modules.  FAQs such as union, difference, intersection of lists are
FAQs for a reason.

Of course, it is real easy for me to say "it should 'just work'" from
where I am sitting - you all are the ones that have done the hard
work.  Having answered the questions enough times in p5 circles
though, it would be nice to have a real simple easy answer for p6.

Joshua Gatcomb
a.k.a. L~R

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