Thomas Sandlaß skribis 2005-04-28 18:09 (+0200):
> >I still want <->, by the way. 
> Me too. And I guess <- naturally completes the set.

Although it would complete the set, in the months since I first started
wanting <->, I have not been able to come up with a good reason to want
write-only binding.

A special case of <> parsing for <-> is not a big thing, but adding a
special case for <- would be, because the difference between /^-$/ and
/^-.*/ is potentially extremely huge.

(Note that only to the human eye it is a special case, and can look like
<>, if the parser is smart enough to simply try <-> as a whole before
trying to match <>. I wouldn't suggest actually parsing <.*> first and
then seeing if the .* happened to equal '-' :))


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