On  2 May, Luke Palmer wrote:

: S12 says:
:     subtype Str_not2b of Str where /^[isnt|arent|amnot|aint]$/;
: My brain parses this as:
:     subtype Str_not2b[Str where /.../];
: Or:
:     subtype Str_not2b[Str] where /.../;
: Neither of which really reflect how it is really parsed.  It looks like
: `subtype` has a special syntax.  I find this to be free of special
: syntax and clearer to boot:
:     type Str_not2b ::= Str where /^[isnt|arent|amnot|aint]$/;

Although, I'm aware, that introducing an idiom in favor of some,
occasionally perceived, ancient C programming techniques, will do my
reputation some harm among certain native programmer circles, I dare to
continue stating the inobvious.

If I compare last, given example against the previous ones, it is much
more apparent, in my opinion, that we're in the process of becoming
acquainted with the declaration of a subtype, regardless of the fact
that we set ourselves back to "common" compile-time binding syntax;
typedef is known amongst C knowledgables as a declaration of a synonym
for a type and did inevitably trigger this recognition. But, I'd rather
be cautious, to differentiate between what we had (C) and what we're
striving for (Perl).

: Why don't we just ditch the `subtype` keyword?

I've the same feeling.

: Luke


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