On 2005-05-02 15:52, "Juerd" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Gaal Yahas skribis 2005-05-02 22:25 (+0300):
>> >      open 'ls', '|-';             # or even
>> >      open 'ls', :pipe => 'from'
> I dislike the hard-to-tell-apart symbols '<' and '>' for modes. 'r' and
> 'w' are much easier, and get rid of the awful left/right "mnemonic" that
> fails to make sense to GUI users.
Holy matter of opinion, Batman.  < and > are much easier to tell apart
than r and w;
r and w make me stop and think about how you spell read and write,
whereas < and > make instant visual sense, which should be appreciated
by GUI users of all people.

Left-to-right is hardly a mnemonic; youre writing in a language which
parses left to right, because it was created by English-speakers, and
English is written left to right.  Since you pretty much have to learn
English to learn Perl, I dont think this is too much of a hardship, even if
its counterintuitive to native speakers of Semitic languages.

And since when is Perl targeting GUI users?  Its a PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE.
Even the original Mac developers used a command-line interface when writing
the code.

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