On Wed, 2005-05-04 at 09:45, Larry Wall wrote:
> On Wed, May 04, 2005 at 09:34:28AM -0400, Aaron Sherman wrote:

> : Hmmm...
> : 
> :     $sum = [+] @array
> : 
> : Nice.
> I just thought that'd be visually confusing in a subscript:
>     @foo[0..9; [;[EMAIL PROTECTED]; 0..9]

Now, why did I think you wouldn't have already considered every
permutation? ;-)

> But maybe it's not so bad.

Yeah, it's confusing in some places, but I think they're mostly edges.

> Yes, but it is rather ambiguous for any unary that can take $_, like
>     [int]
> but that's not an infix, and there isn't that much overlap, so it could
> probably be made to work, and not be too confusing, at least until
> someone adds an infix:<int> operator...

And they could get a warning that tells them of the potential conflict
when they do....

I don't think there's a perfect solution for what you want, but this is
pretty darned close.

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