According to S03, the yada operator "complains bitterly" when used. In
#perl6, we can't agree on what that means. Please help. Does it die,
warn or fail?

18:46 < Corion> Juerd: "Complain bitterly" is "output a warning" to me.
18:46 < Juerd> It's "die" to me
18:46 < Odin-> Juerd: Hmm. I'd read it as "print a huge, ten page banner
alerting to an error, and then go on"...

And we want ??? and !!! to be aliases for ... if it dies, or to dieing
yadas if ... itself merely warns:

18:46 < Corion> Juerd: But "..." is more like "uh - I hope you know what
you're doing", where "???" is more like "WTF?", and "!!!" is more like "WTF!"
18:47 < Corion> Juerd: I see "..." as having practical use when stubbing
out code - I would want the code to warn but continue.  How else would
you do that?
18:47 < Corion> sub do_magic { ... }
18:47 < Corion> looks good, and should warn "do_magic is not yet
implemented at $?LINE"
18:48 < Corion> while
18:48 < Corion> sub magic { ??? }
18:48 < Corion> should die.

Though we'd have to discuss the precise meanings of "WTF?" and "WTF!".


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