On 5/6/05, Juerd <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> According to S03, the yada operator "complains bitterly" when used. In
> #perl6, we can't agree on what that means. Please help. Does it die,
> warn or fail?
> 18:46 < Corion> Juerd: "Complain bitterly" is "output a warning" to me.
> 18:46 < Juerd> It's "die" to me
> 18:46 < Odin-> Juerd: Hmm. I'd read it as "print a huge, ten page banner
> alerting to an error, and then go on"...
> And we want ??? and !!! to be aliases for ... if it dies, or to dieing
> yadas if ... itself merely warns:

It dies if ever executed, IIRC.  Would you want:

    sub get_user_list() {...}
    my @users = get_user_list;

To merely warn?  I think die "get_user_list not implemented" is more
appropriate there.

I can see something like:

    sub term:<etc.> { warn "You should probably put something here" }

Being useful, but not that useful.


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