>>>>> "DC" == Damian Conway <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

  DC> rule mv { $lastcmd:=(mv)  $<files>:=[ <ident> ]+  $<dir>:=<ident> }
  DC> rule cp { $lastcmd:=(cp)  $<files>:=[ <ident> ]+  $<dir>:=<ident> }
  DC> sub lastcmd { return $lastcmd }
  DC> }
  DC> while shift ~~ m/<Shell::Commands.cmd>/ {
  DC> say "From: @{$<files>}";
  DC> say "  To: $<dir>";
  DC> }
  >> since files and dirs are internal aliases (their names are in <>),
  >> shouldn't those match accesses be $/<files> and $/<dir>?

  DC> Sure. Just as $42 is a shorthand for $/[42], so too $<whatever> is a
  DC> shorthand for $/<whatever>.

but then what about the different index bases for $42 and $/[42]? i
don't think that has been resolved (nor has mixing the $1.1 and $1[1]


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