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  JSD> To bring this back to perl6, autrijus' original query was regarding

  JSD>  $ pugs -e 'say join ",", split /(..)*/, 1234567890'

  JSD> which currently generates a list of ('','12','34','56','78','90')
  JSD> In perl5 it would generate a list of ('','90') because only the last
  JSD> pair of characters matched is kept (such is the nature of quantifiers
  JSD> applied to capturing parens). But in perl6 quantified captures put all
  JSD> of the matches into an array such that "abcdef" ~~ /(..)*/ will make
  JSD> $0 = ['ab','cd','ef']. 

  JSD> I think that the above split should generate a list like this:

  JSD>  ('', [ '12','34','56','78','90'])

i disagree. if you want complex tree results, use a rule. split is for
creating a single list of elements from a string. it is better keep
split simple for it is commonly used in this domain. tree results are
more for real parsing (which split is not intended to do) so use a
parsing rule for that.

also note the coding style rule (i think randal created it) which is to
use split when you want to throw things away (the delimiters) and m//
when you want to keep thinks.


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