On Thu, May 12, 2005 at 09:06:48PM +0100, Benjamin Smith wrote:
>   sub foo { my $x; BEGIN { $x = 3 }; say $x }
>   foo; foo; foo;
> Currently in perl5 and pugs this prints "3\n\n\n".
> Should BEGIN blocks be able to modify values in lexical variables that
> don't really exist yet? (People can use state after all to get a
> variable which does exist early enough for them to modify.)
> Is there some kind of "prototype pad" (and lexicals) available inside
> the BEGIN block, rather than a full runtime pad?

In perl5, the first instance of a lexical exists from the moment of
compilation through till first exit from the enclosing scope during
exection. If this wasn't the case then lots of closure-related stuff
wouldn't work, eg

        my $count = 0;
        sub inc { $count++ }
        sub dec { $count-- }

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