Hello Rod,

I was pointed to your p6l post (<4283AAC1.6060106[at]rodadams.net>) by Autrijus. I have already worked a bit on implementing/porting the functionality of builtins that I want in Perl6 (by stealing from Perl5), I can try to take over S29.

> I'm finding myself in a perpetual state of either no time to work
> on it, or when there is time, having insufficient brain power left to
> properly assimilate everything that needs to be considered to do
> any of the functions justice. Looking ahead, I do not see this
> state changing for
> the better in the foreseeable future.
While I find myself in the same situation from time to time, I hope that I'll survive by having #perl6 support me and the wiki-style of development-via-widespread-commit...

If there is somebody else who wants to uphold the banner, consider their offer instead of mine ;)


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