On Sat, May 14, 2005 at 01:15:36AM +0000, Luke Palmer wrote:
: I think the misunderstanding is rather simple.  You keep talking like
: you prepend a .*? to the rule we're matching.  I think that's wrong
: (and this is where I'm making a design call, so we can dispute on this
: once we're clear that it's this that is being disputed).  I think
: there is a special rule:
:     rule matchanywhere($rx) { .*? <$rx> }
: Which makes a *subrule call* to the rule we're matching.  Therefore
: ::: just breaks out of that subrule, and backtracks into the .*?
: again.

I want ::: to break out of *that* dynamic scope (or the equivalent
"matchrighthere" scope), but not ::.


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