Rod Adams skribis 2005-05-14 19:21 (-0500):
> $?SELF, and nothing else by default.

Wrong because it's inconsistent. Nothing else defaults to $?SELF.

> $_ bound to $?SELF at start of method.

Current spec.

> o.
> O.
> this.
> self.
> me.

Not special syntax, meaning you can no longer use these identifiers for
your own class. Bad style to use single-letter identifiers, but we know
what trouble $a and $b in Perl 5 cause, and the B:: namespace.

> ^

Introduces whitespace-asymmetry:
    1+ ^foo  # +^ is a bitop

> ->

Clashes with sub creating ->

    my $method = "foo";

Can be done with look-ahead, but this is to be avoided.

> _

Requires fundamental change in identifier naming rules. Means you're taking
away all of _foo, __foo, __foo__, etcetera, from user definition.

>  (an idea I just had. would likely need a 7-bit option as well)

Not on any of the keyboards that I regularly use, and the
ascii-equivalent would be \w, which has the problems described above.

> ..

Very possible, but lacks mnemonic, while it does look like it has to do
with some mnemonic, because a character is repeated.


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