For starters, about the only combination harder to hit with on
spanned hand might be ctrl-F5.

I've remapped my keyboard so that I push shift for numbers and leave
it off for the various symbols on the top row. ^ isn't hard to type
for me.  (Plus, is it that hard to use two hands with shifted keys
like you were taught in typing class?)

Can I assume that there is agreement already that in order to sit a beginner down and have them learn and write basic Perl, they shouldn't have to:

1) Remap their keyboard

2) Use characters that aren't on most keyboards

I have horrible visions of newbie Win32 coders getting frustrated when the only way they can see to do something is to open up the Windows Character Map program and copy/paste from there.

The current situation of the << and >> characters seems fine in this regard, because it's not something you are going to need to use until you get more advanced.

Having the...


... ║ character as the default invocant method (to use that option as an example) is something I'd much like to avoid.

Adam K

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