Juerd wrote:
A few days ago, when typing ./pugs,... You can guess the rest :)

I suggest


to mean $?SELF.method, and


to mean $?SELF.SUPER::method, or however that's normally written.

I'm opinionless on the latter, since in my opinion cross-calling supermethods (calling a supermethod other than the one you are currently in) has been nothing but bad in my experience.

But it's definitely the best suggestion so far for implicit invocant method.

If this was apache.org, I'd +1 it happily.

Looking at various keyboard layouts however, the nordics among us (who have / at shift-7) are probably not going to like it though :)

But US/UK/CJK are all to the right of the period, so it's a very friendly combination in that regard.

Adam K


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