On Wed, 2005-05-18 at 14:57, "TSa (Thomas Sandlaß)" wrote:
> Aaron Sherman wrote:
> > Ok, so log and log10:
> > 
> >          multi sub Math::Basic::log (: Num ?$x = $CALLER::_, Num +$base);
> >          &log10<> := &log<>.assuming:base(10);
> Sorry, I don't want to interfere but two nit-pickings from me:
> 1) It's &log10:() and &log:(: Num ?$, Num +$) these days, isn't it?
>     And I'm unsure about the meaning of the first. And shouldn't you
>     use the ::= operator?

Yes on part 2, but on part 1... not sure. Anyone?

> 2) More important: isn't the multi without invocants useless
>     or even outright wrong? Or shall it indicate an undispatched,
>     compile-time, declaration-based, overloaded function ala C++?
>     Does such a thing exist in Perl6?

I don't know the MMD system well enough to be sure (I became aware of
how multi subs work two days ago). Certainly S06 doesn't imply that this
is valid. I'll have to re-read the relevant bits of A12, unless a
certain former maintainer wants to speak up.... :)

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