Rob Kinyon wrote:

On 5/18/05, Stuart Cook <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

To summarise what I think everyone is saying, []-reducing an empty
list yields either:

1) undef (which may or may not contain an exception), or
2) some unit/identity value that is a trait of the operator,

depending on whether or not people think (2) is actually a good idea.

I would think that the Principle of Least Surprise points to (1),
given that the standard explanation of the [EMAIL PROTECTED] is eval join( '+', @x
) ...

$rod == none(@Larry), and therefore just because I think it should be that way, doesn't mean it is that way.

But the "eval join" way of looking at it does seem to be consistent with what I've seen discussed previously, and would provide a useful way to remember the effects of edge cases.

-- Rod Adams

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