On 5/19/05, Edward Cherlin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> It turns out that the domain and range and the location of the
> cut lines have to be worked out separately for different
> functions. Mathematical practice is not entirely consistent in
> making these decisions, but in programming, there seems to be
> widespread agreement that the shared definitions used in the
> APL, Common LISP, and Ada standards are the best available.
> Do we want to get into all of this in Perl6?

I'm not really sure I know what you mean by "do we want to get into
all of this?".  If we're going to have a Complex class, we have to. 
But "getting into it" might involve saying that APL, CL, and Ada are
the best, so we use those.  This is the kind of problem where, if
someone wants to get more precise, they turn to CPAN.


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