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I wonder how we specify meta
operators that only work on comparators, or only on assignment forms,
or etc. etc. etc.

Well, Perl6 has got first class Code types, hasn't it? So it's a matter of defining a type hierarchy among the operators and then you can dispatch on them with MMD or restrict applicable types for non-invocant params. Ingo's &infix_circumfix_meta_operator:{'->', '<-'}:(Code,Any,Any:) could then easily be specialized like &infix_circumfix_meta_operator:{'->', '<-'} :(Comparator of ::T, T does Compare[T], T does Compare[T] :) or less specific, of course.

The above said, I hope that the degree to which meta ops are macro/compiler supported versus how much they lean onto the type system is favoring the type system. The typical Perl < 6 programmer seems for historical reasons more inclined to think about this language feature more in terms of combinations of eval, join and split. E.g. could the macro assistence for »« and [] be restricted to parse their inside as an operator name so that the programmer doesn't have to use their long name? Or is something more complicated needed? And if yes, then why?

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