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That looks completish to me.  (At least I didn't think, "hey! where's
such and such?")

Oh, frabjous day!

One thing that I noticed and had to look up was

        <-prop X>

though.  Because ...

I wish <!prop X> was allowed. I don't see why <!...> has to be confined to zero-width assertions.

The part which needs a bit of clarification right now, in my opinion, is
character classes.  From what I can gather, these are character classes:

  <[a-z] +<digit>>
  <+<alpha> -[aeiouAEIOU]>

I believe that Larry blessed Pm's idea to allow


Ok, that's news to me. (I have yet to peruse the archives.) That's nice, not requiring you to <>-ize property names inside a character class assertion. I'd think whitespace would be permitted in between parts of a character class, but perhaps I'm wrong. That would kinda go against the whole "whitespace for readability" idea of Perl 6 rules, though.

which implies to me that assertions starting with one of "<[",
"<-" or "<+" should be treated as character classes.  This doesn't
seem to play well with <-prop X>.  Maybe it does though.

Considering the Unicode properties are like char class macro-things (like \w and \d), I don't see a problem, except for the fact that there's more than one "word" (chunk of non-whitespace) associated with them. Maybe Unicode properties retain their enclosing <>'s?

Also, I think that it's [a..z] now rather than [a-z] but I'm not
entirely sure.  At least that's how PGE implements it.

Ok. I'll wait for a message from On High about that. It's a minor detail.

but I want to be sure.  I'm also curious about whitespace.  Is "<[" one
token, or can I write "< [a-z] >" and have it be a character class?

I think you need to write "<["

I expected as much.

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