"TSa (Thomas Sandla▀)" skribis 2005-05-27 15:44 (+0200):
> Could the ones who know it, enlighten me *why* it has to be so?
> What does it buy the newbie, average, expert Perl6 programmer?
> The answer "that's how Perl5 did it" is a good default, but
> never hindered @Larry to change things.

Because the alternative is to drop context.

If we drop context, we have to use an array where we now use a list. And
"list" automatically becomes an alias for "array" in our jargon. 

Also, arrays will then probably no longer have any referenceless
version, and always be objects and thus references. 

Then we lose the point for having different sigils, and everything gets
a dollar sign.

The end result is very different from Perl, and can no longer be thought
of even as derrived from Perl, in my opinion.


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