"TSa (Thomas Sandla▀)" skribis 2005-06-02 20:36 (+0200):
> Might it be applicable to use .() as the dereferencer
> of scalar variables that derefs to the next none(Ref)
> type and if that is a Code it dispatches to it as expected?

Or perhaps postfix $, to deref recursively.

    my $foo = 5;

    my $bar = \\\\\\$foo;

    print $bar$;  # 5

Just don't call your variable $Id ;)

Or of course a very simple .deref method.

I still think the feature isn't needed at all. 

> $y() = 7;

No, sorry, that looks to me as if $y is a reference to an lvalue sub,
not like any form of referencing of scalars.


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