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> Millsa Erlas wrote:
> > I have thought of an interesting idea that may allow Perl 6 to make
> the
> > $, @, and % optional on many uses of variables. This involves
> simply
> > extending the function namespace to include all kinds of
> structures, and
> > thus the function namespace does not require symbols, they are
> optional.


> In that case, you should be looking into how to make it a pragmata,
> rather then pushing the idea on perl6-language.  It shouldn't be too
> hard -- a matter of using the equivalent of perl5's
> and the OUTER:: scope.
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>       theorbtwo

The fact that this keeps recurring on P6L is pretty indicative, I
think, that a lot of people don´t value the ability to have an array,
hash, and scalar of the same name quite so much as they regret the need
to respecify the types of all variables every time they´re used.

If it´s really that simple to do, then I´m willing to bet it´ll be
used early and often. Making it a part of ´core´ and in fact planning
to migrate perl in the direction of less useless line noise DOES seem
to me to be a valid task for -language.


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