I'll take a shot at it since no one else seems to want to. :-)

On 6/3/05, BÁRTHÁZI András <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> How can I catch the matched elem name, and block content? I'm guessing
> that hypotetical variables can be the solution, but it says, that those
> variables should have been defined, before I use them, and it's not that
> case.

Named subrules have their values stored in the $/ match object under a
key of the same name.  So, in this case:

    $foo ~~ m/<block>/;

$/<block> will contain the matched block, and $/<block>[1] will
contain the block content (i.e. the content of the second capturing
group).  The working is the same in the case of s///, so you can
probably safely use $/ within your &trigger_block and &trigger_elem.

Hypothetical variables work like this:

   my $bar; # not quite sure you need to initialise it; just in case :-)
   $foo ~~ m/$bar := (bar|baz)/;

Now $bar will contain either "bar" or "baz", depending on which one was matched.

Hope this is helpful.  Corrections are welcome from anyone who spots
any mistakes.


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