Damian Conway wrote:
So, to clarify again, if $var is undefined, then the assignment:

    $var op= $value;

is equivalent to:

    $var = (&op.does(identval) ?? &op.identval() :: undef) op $value;


Might I add that it should read

      $var = (&op.does(identval) ??
              &op.identval($value) :: undef) op $value;

The rational is, that &op is subject to MMD, so the .identval method
should be dispatched as well. Actually &op.identity($value) reads
quite natural and self documenting if the parameter is required.

Hmm, the MMD form identity( &op, $value ) looks even better. This
folds the identity value selection problem back into type-space
and it's runtime agent MMD.
TSa (Thomas Sandla▀)

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