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> David Formosa (aka ? the Platypus) skribis 2005-06-10  9:32 (-0000):
> Interesting. Could you provide some more information, like perhaps a
> message body?

My appologies, my news client crashed when I attempted to compose
this.  As you say it should have included a body.  From my exprence
with perl5 and from playing around with pugs I've noticed that when
eval(Str $evalstring) is used I mostly use it like this (in perl5)

eval "..."; Or

eval <<"__EVALEND__";

It seems a natural analogy with s:e/.../.../; That I would be able to
do the following.



> I personally don't think string eval should be made too easy|simple.

I would prefer a perl that didn't put speed bumps in the way just
because it thought that it knew better.  The old Unix tradition of
"Don't prevent something stupid incase someone intelligent finds a
clever use for it".

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