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John Siracusa wrote:

 (BTW, I'm not sure where those "./" thingies came from, but it's what
 showed in your message.  I'm assuming it should just be ".")

No. There's now also a unary ./ operator in Perl 6.

Unary . calls a specified method on the current topic.
Unary ./ calls a specified method on the current invocant.

The point being that methods no longer topicalize their invocant. So you need to use ./ instead of . to call methods on an implicit invocant.

Er, is it true that methods don't topicalize the invocant nowadays? I had thought that they do and one needs the ./ to still talk about the invocant if some inner loop stole the $_, and until such stealing occurs .foo() and ./foo() are the same...



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