Is there a way, to catch, if I call a method, that doesn't exists, to run a default one? I'm thinking about an "error handler" method. If not, I would like to propose this:

class MyClass {
        method example ($self: $var) {
                say "HELLO";
        method default ($self: $method_name, %parameters)
            is method_not_found {
                say "$method_name called";

$mc = new MyClass;
$mc.helloworld("var", "var");


and it outputs:

helloworld called

The above is maybe not the best (and not the most valid) syntax for my proposal, but I think you can get the idea. It would be very useful the hide parameters into the method name, like this:


And the default method will match the method name with /^save_the_(.*)$/, and saves $1.

I hope, you will like it. As I know, it's not possible currently.


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