Kurt skribis 2005-06-20 19:46 (-0400):
> On 6/20/05, Juerd wrote:
> > Or you can just get your "self" with a simple (module that does)
> >     macro self () { '$?SELF' }
> And you could do the same for `./`.


However, there has proven to be much demand for something like ./method,
and in such cases, having it by default is probably the best thing.

I personally don't think it's either necessary or too much. I care about
.method using $_, and many other people care about having short syntax
for self.method too. ./method was something that would work for me, so I
shared that idea, and it was generally accepted.

Apart from the personal joy of seeing something I invented become part
of the official language, I don't really care if ./method is eventually
part of Perl 6 or not. I have always named my invocants, and don't mind
continue to do so. On the other hand, if there is a shorthand, I will
use it, because regardless of whether you think it's pretty or ugly, and
regardless of whether you think it looks enough like a method call,
having a short two character operator for this is in fact very


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