Sam Vilain wrote:

It seems these requirements are still in conflict;

   - Preserving AUTOLOAD thou-shalt-make-the-call semantics
   - Keeping the new $AUTOLOAD off the argument stack for AUTOLOAD()
   - Use of $_ as an out-of-band way of passing arguments to a function
     cannot be localised due to the non-stack-like characteristic of
     the call stack, in the face of continuations and coroutines
   - disallowing "explicit" out-of-band arguments

Time to re-think the out-of-band arguments idea?

I never liked the idea of out-of-band arguments. Either something is passed, is available due to being in a broader scope, or can be gleamed from introspection.

In this case, I think introspection is the answer. Hang the info off &?SUB or caller. Something like "&?SUB.Invocation" or "" could be made to return something useful, I think. Also makes the info available for more than just AUTO.* methods, which opens the door up for all kinds of useful perversions, especially in the age of bindings and such.

I leave the definition of "something useful" to others.

-- Rod Adams

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