Stevan Little wrote:
You seem to indicate that submethods are not to be used on instances, and instead to be used on the underlying metaclass. I did not see anything of the sort in (Syn|Apoc)12 or in my (limited) search of the mailing list. Can you point me to that information?

S12 says in the section Submethods: "A submethod is called only when a method call is dispatched directly to the current class."

And without finding a reference I think it was said that "the invocant
of a submethod is a class object".

From this I have derived what I said. Nonetheless there seems to be
some overlap in particular in the construction process which is
characterized as involving an unitialized object. So in that case
some macro magic might make the instance available to the submethod.
But this will be a non-invocant parameter.

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