Michael Hendricks wrote:
In other words, Huffman coding works and Perl6 hackers had better start
watching their waistlines.  Or maybe we should spin it that Perl6 helps
reduce global warming ;)

Anyway, I collected a small sample (~300 lines each) of Perl5 code along
with "equivalent" Perl6 code. Some came from the Exegeses and others from Pugs' SVN. I had Text::TypingEffort give me some pseudo-scientific results
and typing the Perl5 code takes about 18% more physical effort than typing
the Perl6 code.

My god! What is this wonderful module of which you speak?

Finally a chance to help in the argument that ideas that try to force less characters in a huffman-inspired nightmare might make life worse from a "actually typing it in real life" sense.

I wonder if handles different keyboard, I'd like to the differences in using Perl between the different country keyboards. Especially those poor nordics with the / and $ in funny places :)

Adam K

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