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> At 1:03 AM -0700 7/9/05, Jonathan Leffler wrote:
> >Can you explain which parts of the SQL:2003 mandate this notation?
> >I've had a moderately good poke around my copy of ISO/IEC
> >9075-2:2003 (SQL/Foundation) and cannot find this. I'd like a few
> >section numbers listed which describe this.
> >The various places I've looked include: 19.6 (prepare statement), 9
> >(Additional Common Rules), 6.4 (<value specification> and <target
> >specification>). I could have missed something in these places - or
> >I could be looking in the wrong place.
> Yes, I can quote some, in different places. Look at these:
> SQL:2003, 4.29 "Host parameters" (pp90,91,92)
> SQL:2003, 5.4 "Names and identifiers" (pp151,152)
> SQL:2003 Foundation page 152 says:
> <host parameter name> ::= <colon><identifier>
> See that last line in particular. I don't see how it could be more clear.

Oh - hmmm...Embedded SQL...Yes, even Informix supports that notation in 
Embedded SQL/C (ESQL/C); I'd forgotten about it because it is not part of 
what goes to the (Informix) server.

EXEC SQL EXECUTE :prepared_stmt USING :hostvar1:indvar1, :hostvar2:indvar2, 

This is not what DBI deals with - it deals more nearly with the CLI syntax, 
where that is not, as far as I know, permitted. However, I'm not yet sure 
about all the contexts in which a <host parameter name> can appear - it is 
the sort thing that is quite hard to determine from the standard, 
unfortunately. Even with my heavily hyperlinked grammar - generated from the 
BNF in the standard - it is fairly hard to tell.

Consider my objection temporarily on ice - I'm not wholly convinced, but 
clearly the onus is on me to show why it should not be mandated by DBI v2.

This is my main source for the SQL:2003 documentation:
> http://www.wiscorp.com/SQLStandards.html

Thanks. I have copies of the official standard - but I didn't have the 
presentations, etc.

If anyone wants to use my hyperlinked HTML version of the standard SQL 
syntax, let me know and I'll make it available for download on a website. I 
updated it last week, so the version I have at home isn't current (though 
most people wouldn't notice the change - it was very minor and solely 
related to formatting).

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