On Wed, 13 Jul 2005, Ingo Blechschmidt wrote:

no, if I understood Larry correctly, you can of course write a nice
grammar-modifying module, but other modules you use() still use
Perl 6's standard grammar. E.g.:

Ah, then of course I would have never expected things to be different at all.

If you wanted the compiler to parse SomeOtherModule.pm using Ruby's
grammar, you'd have to write:

   use Grammar::Ruby;
   reuse SomeOtherModule

So that, after all, I don't think it would be much used since if SomeOtherModule was thought to be parsed according to Grammar::Ruby, it would take care of using it in the first place, I guess.

Unless, of course, SomeOtherModule could be parsed correctly -and hopefully behave differently- under two or more different grammars, in which case it would be funny to see the effects of, say,

use Grammar::Ruby;
reuse SomeOtherModule;
use Grammar::hq9plus;
reuse SomeOtherModule;
# ...

which reminds me of good'ol' "GEB"...

Never attribute to malice that which
can be adequately explained by stupidity
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