On Thu, Jul 14, 2005 at 09:38:45PM +0200, Juerd wrote:
> Nathan Gray skribis 2005-07-14 12:55 (-0400):
> > Autrijus joked? about $?.method once (instead of ./method), in case we
> > need any more bad alternatives for $?SELF.method.  But I also trust
> > @larry, or %larry, or even $larry, to make a decent choice that will
> > serve the community well.
> Would this mean that $? is an alias for $?SELF, or only that "$?." comes
> in "./"'s stead?

The former.  But this is strictly a joke in response to nothingmuch's
"two characters shorthand" criteria on #perl6; please don't hold it
against me, or invoke the famed joke-turned-into-reality p6l device! :)


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