Hi All,

Being a relative newcomer to all that is Perl 6, can someone tell me what 
I need to know in order to write/amend Perl 6 extension Modules as opposed 
Perl 5 versions ?

I have downloaded PXPerl for Windows (which seems a bit broken to me atm) 
wanted to start writing some (fairly basic to start with) Modules.

As Perl 6 Modules are to work with Perl 5 it makes sense for me to learn 
this straight off.

Apologies for intruding on this list, but I see no perl6-modules list 
anywhere and only
brief mentions of v6 Modules in places.

You are all doing a great job, and I want to do my bit to get Perl 6 
working - if I can.

I guess I should us a linux box to keep up to date, best version to go for ?



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