On Tue, 2005-07-19 at 18:47 +0200, "TSa (Thomas Sandlaß)" wrote:

> I strongly agree. They should share the same namespace. Since
> code objects constitute types they also share this namespace.
> This means that any two lines of
> class   Foo {...}
> role    Foo {...}
> sub     Foo {...}
> method  Foo {...}
> subtype Foo of Any where {...}
> in the same scope should be a simple redefinition/redeclaration error.

I don't understand this.  What does a scope have to do with a namespace?
Why does a code object constitute a type?

I can understand there being separate types, perhaps, for Method,
Submethod, MultiSub, MultiMethod, and so on, but I don't understand the
purpose of sharing a namespace between types and function names, nor of
having funcitons declare/define/denote/de-whatever types.

-- c

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