I have a fundamental disagreement with what pack used to be - it's
too stringish... =)

the printf and unpack syntaxes always bothered me because they are
akin to 'eval'ing, more than they are to quasi quoting.

I like your Pack object - that is the parsed template, but I'd also
like to be able to generate these templates with a programmatic
interface that isn't string concatenation...

Is it just a simple data structure? Or do you have anything in mind?

Will we have more powerful nesting? I think this is in order

Actually, to be really wicked, I think that packing is just applying
rules in reverse (this is tricky and indeterminate, since there are
no alternatives or options in unpacking/packing), and unpacking is
the opposite, with two exceptions:

        captures are converted by looking at the binary data and
        interpreting it, not just stuffing it in a string

        the syntax is different

Anywho, I like your proposal, but i'd like some even fresher ideas
into pack and unpack, so i'm just trying to kick the thread

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