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> > We are should have an API to talk to the GC and give it hints about when it
> > should run, and tweek the verious paramitors for its running.
> >  
> > For example
> [...]
> Also
> my Bigobjet $big is GC::timely = Bigobect; # Request timely
> # destruction of $big.  Usefull for filehandels and network
> # resources.

I like this approach the most: it let's users specify what they
need, not how they need it done.

Every GC has slightly different semantics. If we have a generational
GC that has delays, or a reference counting scheme that does
occasional reachability tests, it doesn't really matter.

What we want is features:

        some object needs to die appropriately, because i'm using
        DESTROY to manage resources, or trigger an action

And we can also open the door to optimizations:

        some object is cheap to store, you can collect it later than

        everything under this object belongs to it, and only to it (that
        is, you can cleanup the whole tree when cleaning this up)

and so on and so forth.

We do need this applying to:

        roles and classes:
        class Moose is GC::timely { ... }

        a policy for attributes of objects:
        class Moose {
                has $. handles "method" is GC::timely; # not good enough, i
                # want to be able to say "all children", and I want this to
                # be inheritable... A class property, i guess

        # your syntax is per container
        my $big = $something but GC::timely; # do we have runtime 'does'? I 
keep forgetting

        contained elements within a container
        my @a is Array of (Item is GC::timely);

        and containers themselves without respect to their contained:
        my @a is Array is GC::timely

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