Andrew Shitov wrote:
Is it possible to avoid significance of whitespaces?

Yes, with:

  say zip .(@odd, @even);

Looks like a method and *is* a method in my eyes.
First &zip is looked-up and then bound as block owner.
Arguments are of course two array refs to @odd and @even

BTW, you didn't mean originally:

  say zip (@odd), (@even); # prints 13572468 or 12345678?

Does &zip now interleave two array refs instead
of flattened arrays?

I think, such an aspect of Perl 6 would be awful.

IB> Whitespace is significant:

IB>     say zip(@odd, @even);
IB>     say zip (@odd, @even);
$TSa.greeting := "HaloO"; # mind the echo!

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