(Cc'ing p6l, but this feels like a p6c thread...)

Greetings.  As I'm moving forward with the new PIL runcore,
I'm now trying to document my understanding as visual diagrams.

The first one is about the compilation cycle:


The second one is about the container model:


Under this container model, there are two consequences that I'm
not very sure about.  One is that everything is rebindable:

    my $a is constant;
    my $b = 123;
    $a := $b;
    $a = 456;   # succeeds

Another is that the "is IType" form is always untieable:

    my $a is SomehowTiedScalar;
    untie($a); # succeeds

If I'm mistaken, please let me know, preferably by suggesting
new arrangements on the diagram. :-)


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