Larry Wall wrote:
It might be a mistake to call these isa relationships though.  I really
only care about

    Package does Object.
    Module does Package.
    Role does Module.
    Class does Role.

OK, I've added that and the Set type in my little type lattice.
With your Object still spelled ::Any, though. What about Grammar?
Where does that find its place? Currently I have put it parallel
to Class, that is now below Role.

Hmm, is anyone interested in this graph of mine at all?

Foo is the name of a potentiality.  It's the name of anything you can
construct using the Foo package, the Foo undefined value, and the Foo
metaobject (if any).

That sounds very typish. Foo as a type instanciator---great!

I guess a class would be kind of like the spotlight that comes up
on one of the stage entrances in anticipation of an actor being
instantiated there.  :-)

"Scotty, beam me up" comes to mind...
$TSa.greeting := "HaloO"; # mind the echo!

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