On Mon, Aug 15, 2005 at 09:21:14PM -0400, Jasmine Pues wrote:
: Taimu? TAI-  -mu.
: Sorry. Couldn't resist the pun. (Bad Japanese pun, but nonetheless.)

Well, hmm, yes, "taimu" means "time" in Japanese, but only because it's
borrowed... ☺

On the other hand, if you're willing to coin a new Japanese word,
we can generate all the combinations of Jouyou Kanji that can be
pronounced "TAI MU" and see what they mean together:


    use utf8;
    binmode STDIN, ":utf8";
    binmode STDOUT, ":utf8";
    binmode STDERR, ":utf8";

    @tai = split /^/, <<'END';
    大   big
    太   fat, big
    体   body; health
    台   stand, platform
    対   oppose, against, pair
    待   wait
    代   replace, world, generation, fee
    帯   belt, obi, wear, zone
    隊   corps, unit
    退   retreat, withdraw
    貸   lend, loan
    態   appearance, intent
    耐   endure, bear
    怠   be lazy, neglect
    胎   womb
    泰   calm, serene, big, thai
    袋   bag, pouch
    逮   chase, seize
    替   exchange, swap
    滞   stop, stagnate

    @mu = split /^/, <<'END';
    武   military, warrior
    務   (perform) duty
    無   not, none, cease to be
    謀   plot, strategem
    矛   halberd, lance, spear
    夢   dream
    霧   mist, fog

    chomp @tai;
    chomp @mu;

    for my $tai (@tai) {
        ($tk, $te) = split(' ', $tai, 2);
        for my $mu (@mu) {
            ($mk, $me) = split(' ', $mu, 2);
            printf "%s%s        %s / %s\n", $tk,$mk, $te, $me;

which gives us these possibilities.

    大武  big / military, warrior
    大務  big / (perform) duty
    大無  big / not, none, cease to be
    大謀  big / plot, strategem
    大矛  big / halberd, lance, spear
    大夢  big / dream
    大霧  big / mist, fog
    太武  fat, big / military, warrior
    太務  fat, big / (perform) duty
    太無  fat, big / not, none, cease to be
    太謀  fat, big / plot, strategem
    太矛  fat, big / halberd, lance, spear
    太夢  fat, big / dream
    太霧  fat, big / mist, fog
    体武  body; health / military, warrior
    体務  body; health / (perform) duty
    体無  body; health / not, none, cease to be
    体謀  body; health / plot, strategem
    体矛  body; health / halberd, lance, spear
    体夢  body; health / dream
    体霧  body; health / mist, fog
    台武  stand, platform / military, warrior
    台務  stand, platform / (perform) duty
    台無  stand, platform / not, none, cease to be
    台謀  stand, platform / plot, strategem
    台矛  stand, platform / halberd, lance, spear
    台夢  stand, platform / dream
    台霧  stand, platform / mist, fog
    対武  oppose, against, pair / military, warrior
    対務  oppose, against, pair / (perform) duty
    対無  oppose, against, pair / not, none, cease to be
    対謀  oppose, against, pair / plot, strategem
    対矛  oppose, against, pair / halberd, lance, spear
    対夢  oppose, against, pair / dream
    対霧  oppose, against, pair / mist, fog
    待武  wait / military, warrior
    待務  wait / (perform) duty
    待無  wait / not, none, cease to be
    待謀  wait / plot, strategem
    待矛  wait / halberd, lance, spear
    待夢  wait / dream
    待霧  wait / mist, fog
    代武  replace, world, generation, fee / military, warrior
    代務  replace, world, generation, fee / (perform) duty
    代無  replace, world, generation, fee / not, none, cease to be
    代謀  replace, world, generation, fee / plot, strategem
    代矛  replace, world, generation, fee / halberd, lance, spear
    代夢  replace, world, generation, fee / dream
    代霧  replace, world, generation, fee / mist, fog
    帯武  belt, obi, wear, zone / military, warrior
    帯務  belt, obi, wear, zone / (perform) duty
    帯無  belt, obi, wear, zone / not, none, cease to be
    帯謀  belt, obi, wear, zone / plot, strategem
    帯矛  belt, obi, wear, zone / halberd, lance, spear
    帯夢  belt, obi, wear, zone / dream
    帯霧  belt, obi, wear, zone / mist, fog
    隊武  corps, unit / military, warrior
    隊務  corps, unit / (perform) duty
    隊無  corps, unit / not, none, cease to be
    隊謀  corps, unit / plot, strategem
    隊矛  corps, unit / halberd, lance, spear
    隊夢  corps, unit / dream
    隊霧  corps, unit / mist, fog
    退武  retreat, withdraw / military, warrior
    退務  retreat, withdraw / (perform) duty
    退無  retreat, withdraw / not, none, cease to be
    退謀  retreat, withdraw / plot, strategem
    退矛  retreat, withdraw / halberd, lance, spear
    退夢  retreat, withdraw / dream
    退霧  retreat, withdraw / mist, fog
    貸武  lend, loan / military, warrior
    貸務  lend, loan / (perform) duty
    貸無  lend, loan / not, none, cease to be
    貸謀  lend, loan / plot, strategem
    貸矛  lend, loan / halberd, lance, spear
    貸夢  lend, loan / dream
    貸霧  lend, loan / mist, fog
    態武  appearance, intent / military, warrior
    態務  appearance, intent / (perform) duty
    態無  appearance, intent / not, none, cease to be
    態謀  appearance, intent / plot, strategem
    態矛  appearance, intent / halberd, lance, spear
    態夢  appearance, intent / dream
    態霧  appearance, intent / mist, fog
    耐武  endure, bear / military, warrior
    耐務  endure, bear / (perform) duty
    耐無  endure, bear / not, none, cease to be
    耐謀  endure, bear / plot, strategem
    耐矛  endure, bear / halberd, lance, spear
    耐夢  endure, bear / dream
    耐霧  endure, bear / mist, fog
    怠武  be lazy, neglect / military, warrior
    怠務  be lazy, neglect / (perform) duty
    怠無  be lazy, neglect / not, none, cease to be
    怠謀  be lazy, neglect / plot, strategem
    怠矛  be lazy, neglect / halberd, lance, spear
    怠夢  be lazy, neglect / dream
    怠霧  be lazy, neglect / mist, fog
    胎武  womb / military, warrior
    胎務  womb / (perform) duty
    胎無  womb / not, none, cease to be
    胎謀  womb / plot, strategem
    胎矛  womb / halberd, lance, spear
    胎夢  womb / dream
    胎霧  womb / mist, fog
    泰武  calm, serene, big, thai / military, warrior
    泰務  calm, serene, big, thai / (perform) duty
    泰無  calm, serene, big, thai / not, none, cease to be
    泰謀  calm, serene, big, thai / plot, strategem
    泰矛  calm, serene, big, thai / halberd, lance, spear
    泰夢  calm, serene, big, thai / dream
    泰霧  calm, serene, big, thai / mist, fog
    袋武  bag, pouch / military, warrior
    袋務  bag, pouch / (perform) duty
    袋無  bag, pouch / not, none, cease to be
    袋謀  bag, pouch / plot, strategem
    袋矛  bag, pouch / halberd, lance, spear
    袋夢  bag, pouch / dream
    袋霧  bag, pouch / mist, fog
    逮武  chase, seize / military, warrior
    逮務  chase, seize / (perform) duty
    逮無  chase, seize / not, none, cease to be
    逮謀  chase, seize / plot, strategem
    逮矛  chase, seize / halberd, lance, spear
    逮夢  chase, seize / dream
    逮霧  chase, seize / mist, fog
    替武  exchange, swap / military, warrior
    替務  exchange, swap / (perform) duty
    替無  exchange, swap / not, none, cease to be
    替謀  exchange, swap / plot, strategem
    替矛  exchange, swap / halberd, lance, spear
    替夢  exchange, swap / dream
    替霧  exchange, swap / mist, fog
    滞武  stop, stagnate / military, warrior
    滞務  stop, stagnate / (perform) duty
    滞無  stop, stagnate / not, none, cease to be
    滞謀  stop, stagnate / plot, strategem
    滞矛  stop, stagnate / halberd, lance, spear
    滞夢  stop, stagnate / dream
    滞霧  stop, stagnate / mist, fog

I'm sure we could find something meaningful in there.  ^_^


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