Tim Bunce wrote:

And nobody mentioned JDBC as a potential model. Odd that.

I was sorely tempted to do so (and did mention it a few times in
my posts, along w/ ODBC and ADO.NET), but there are some things about
JDBC which rub me the wrong way (e.g., explicit set/get methods for every
data type; no true binding support; the lame "bulk" interface; etc.).
I'm not crazy about all the DataSource business, either.

But the threading support, the Factory pattern presented by Statement classes,
the nice separation of metadata from statements/resultsets/connections, and XA
would certainly be nice models to follow.

One area of concern I have is the ability to subclass. I've been struggling
w/ trying to subclass+extend JDBC the same way I subclass DBI for some things,
and haven't found any app-neutral solutions just yet (trying to wrap
another JDBC driver and expose its driver specific methods seems to require
a lot of extra heavy lifting).

Still, I'm sure things will liven up once I've put an initial sketch


Dean Arnold
Presicient Corp.

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