Well, right now one of the great things about looking at the wall to
read the clock and see the time, is that you know that based on the time
of day and the time of year, and where you are, roughly how far through
the actual solar day it is.  It's crude, but useful.  Just ask a Dairy

Does the Dairy Farmer need time with seconds precision?
Would he know his longitude and how to make correction to the time?
(If he is a person, wouldn't it be easier for him just to buy GPS?)

Of course feel free to consider this all worthless heckling, given the
lack of time I've been putting towards an implementation of all this ;).


Same here.

Maybe this lengthy discussion isn't really that useful. I think it's about defaults, but Perl6 will have packages -- so everyone not content with the default handling of time will be able to override it. Or maybe there could be a pragma (`no leapseconds`?). Or maybe there could be a package on CP6AN named Time::Leapseconds::Data.

Related question: is it possible to specify validity of a package? Something along the lines "this package starts to be deprecated/imprecise/outdated after 2007".

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