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> On Wed, 24 Aug 2005 16:13:03 +0300, Yuval Kogman <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> [...]
> > perl6 creates a new instance of the perl compiler (presumably an
> > object). The compiler will only compile the actual file 'foo.pl',
> > and disregard any 'require', 'use', or 'eval' statements.
> use has the potentional to change the way the compiler
> parses the code.  So use needs to be regarded.

Hmm... Good point.

I don't know how this is dealt with WRT to the "every module is
compiled with it's own compiler" approach perl 6 is supposed to

Autrijus - do you have any solution?

Either way, this simply implies that compilation is recursive, at
least to determine whether the used module affects compilation.

Perhaps the use macro could do this on it's own.

I still think that "regular" linkage should be decoupled from
compilation though, even if it's partially done during the
compilation of a 'use' statement.

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