Mark A. Biggar skribis 2005-09-25 19:42 (-0700):
> In a private conversation with Larry this afternoon, he said that by 
> default "$foo" and ~$foo and $ all give the same result 
> (assuming scalar context, etc.).  And that "@foo[]" and [EMAIL PROTECTED] and 
> are the same as join(' ', @foo) where join is effectively:

This news pleases me.

> Also that a pair ($x => $y) stringifies to "$x\t$y" and that [EMAIL 
> PROTECTED] for an 
> array of pairs is the same as join("\n", @A);

Did he happen to mention what would be done with mixed arrays? Or is
this "of pairs" not related to content, but to declaration, and thus "of

> It is also intended that .as(Str, ...) takes extra named args (names 
> TDB) for things like separators and sprintf like format strings so you 
> can customize it, including ways to change the defaults for a class 
> (like the separator for arrays of pairs being "\n" instead of ' ').

Just the way I imagined it. Great!


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