Larry Wall wrote:
... though we haven't decided what to call the flipflop operator.

Sorry, I'm totally out of scope to what 'the flipflop operator' is.
Could you be so kind to give some hints. Thanks in advance.

    if state $s ?? $s = falsify() !! $s = truify() && !falsify() {...}

Or something like that...

It is beautiful to see all these double-char boolean connectives at work
but again I'm hopelessly confused what you are referring to.

BTW, has dropping the '::' from the ternary alleviated its beeing a macro
and it has now a simple

   infix:<?? !!>:(&condition, &true_block, &false_block --> Bit) {...}

signature? The Bit there is actually oversimplified because it should be
the supertype of the two alternative blocks.
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