HaloO Yuval,

you wrote:
On Mon, Sep 26, 2005 at 21:02:06 +0200, TSa wrote:

demonstrates the lack of transitivity in matching...

Sorry, but don't you mean commutativity? Transitivity of relations
requires applying it twice to three values and then concluding it
applies to the unchecked combination as well:

Yes, I tend to confuse these ;-)

Don't worry, be happy.
I suffer from an impotence versus idempotence confusion.
But fortunately both mean 'lack of achievement'.
BTW, the context cast prefix operators + ~ ? * ** of Perl6
have that property. In addition they preserve the identity
and accessability of their input data. So, beware if you intend
to overload them with omnipotence :)
$TSa.greeting := "HaloO"; # mind the echo!

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