Rafael Garcia-Suarez <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> So, such a "sensitive" modifier could be added, but its
> precise meaning would be highly dependent on the underlying
> implementation.

Okay, but there needs to be some minimum standard for it, like "the
memory in question no longer contains its original contents after
garbage collection".  The security of the key keeping my information
from the Secret Police shouldn't be compromised because the particular
Perl backend I'm using doesn't implement "is sensitive" in a
meaningful way.

I would like "is sensitive" to be defined to mean that any data stored
in that variable, at any level of recursion, will be zeroed out as
soon as it is garbage collected.  Particular implementations can add
extra features on top of that--such as stopping the VM from swapping
it or even actively encrypting that area of memory--but without a
minimum standard there's no point in supporting the feature at all.

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Perl and Parrot hacker

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